How to distribute work electronically?

SaaS BPM Integrated Solution No-Code Flow Customization


You need a powerful and versatile solution to help you manage an overwhelming amount of inbound work. We have the answer for directing both your in-house technicians and your outside vendors, while at the same time providing you with metrics and reporting that will guide you to better efficiency and performance.


There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied client tying up your operation by constantly asking for information. Our solution provides you with the option to offer your client a customized portal where they can access their information at any time, without impacting your operation.


Your operation depends on fast and accurate communication with your vendors. With our solution, you can allow your vendors to register themselves in the system, directly access information related to their tasks, and to report back into the system in real time. This seamless communication stream will minimize miscommunications and errors and will give you an easy way to review and rate your vendors’ performance.


Your technicians can, using our solution, perform their tasks using a checklist, upload status updates (including photos and videos) directly from their mobile app. Your operation (and clients) will be able to see, in real time, the ongoing work being performed by your technicians and vendors in the field.

Project Scheduler

Project scheduling is vital to prioritize, arrange, and distribute work efficiently. Our Project Scheduler accesses your data and updates everyone (Clients, Technicians, and Vendors) automatically. Communication stream will minimize miscommunications and errors and will give you an easy way to review and rate your vendors’ performance.

End User

End users can download a user-friendly app which they can use to directly report concerns. Those user-reported concerns seamlessly become jobs in your system, without any need for entry by your staff.

IoT Devices

Sometimes it isn’t a person who would let you know if something requires maintenance. Internet-connected sensors can report directly to your system, triggering alerts for your technicians and vendors to address – often before your client even knows there is a problem.


Things look good, but are they really good? How would you apply metrics to know that your operation is going as expected? Morning updates? Sure! Machine learning? Why not?

Digital Workflow?

Small and Very Large organizations both can benefit from operating with a digital workflow. Maintenance ops, Dispatching Centers, Call Centers, Office Work, Special Projects, Engineering Jobs, Facilities Jobs, Construction, Fulfillment, Large-Scale projects, are only a few examples.


SWEVEN centralizes info and provides a number of interfaces, depending of the role someone plays in your workflow. SWEVEN provides tools for you to configure segmentation, distribution, flow, approval, communication and more. You’re typically up and running the same day. You may deploy to 1 more person in your operation, or to 100,000.

Why is this good for me?

Paperless without buying anything, just pay-per-use

True disconnected Communication among different roles

Jobs are managed seamlessly. Every stakeholder does their part

If you need to know what time it is, would you build a watch?

Benefits immediately available to you:

Seamless communication. Employees, Supervisors, Clients, Vendors, Technicians, Consultants, Outsourced Teams, they all communicate with the system, and not directly with each other when possible.

Pipeline Management and dynamic workflow. A tailored queue structure with two levels of status classification (you can use ours or create your own) to properly track ongoing work.

Mobility. If you have people in the field you can instantly use geo-dispatch, geo-tracking, dynamic status, media upload, checklists to fill up, and more.

People at the office get all the tools they need to: take new work, respond to clients, assign work, monitor, coordinate, execute and close the job.

List Manager

A powerful tool to access all your data instantly. Powerful filtering, searchings, exports, and more features always available.

Client Portal

Invite your Clients to use the portal you’ll have for them. From there they can send you new work, keep track, draw analytics and more. They’ll share it with their employees as the portal related to the work you do.

Vendor Portal

Your Vendors have other Clients. This is a portal to make things easier on the work you outsource to them. You need visibility, they need accuracy. You need accountability, they need reliability. Communication is success

What Our Customers Are Saying On

"The ability to share data to teams in the field and get real time updates is a great value. The tracking and storage for historical data makes this a perfect tool for our job. SWEVEN is a simple tool that everyone can access and find the information they need."
Tyler Jensen
Project Coordinator Hawthorne Services
"Easy to use, saves time, capable of keeping all your data stored. Can be used with iPhones, tablets, laptops, can be adapted to your needs. Tracking of who, what, where and produces an end result that is able to be printed in pdf format if that is what you need. It just kept getting better as I used SWEVEN."
Larry Smothers
Maintenance Scheduler Manager Louis Berger Services
"SWEVEN provides a management / vendor solution that covers all aspects of facilities management by successfully designing a program that services my specific needs. How many times have I wanted to create a spreadsheet or financial report with other programs only to find out the software is not compatible. SWEVEN has the ability to adapt to multiple software environments. It helps me track construction projects, email updates, create financial reports, employee field monitoring, update clients, provide due date alerts and much more."
Bill Allen
Blackson Arrow
"SWEVEN efficiently combines a work order system, scheduling system, and third party vendor management system with an app enabled technician reporting system. This allows us to quickly and accurately create work schedules for our field teams, and receive and store operational data from the field for detailed analytics."
William Alvelo
Alvelo Construction
"I was able to experience SWEVEN’s maintenance management solution first-hand during an implementation at a Fortune 200 company last summer. The integration went smoothly and team members and vendors were brought on very easily. Looking back on the experience in light of current events, I think one of the biggest benefits is that ECOBPM would certainly help a company efficiently transition to a remote workforce."
Michael Robinson
MBA Product Manager

How do I get SWEVEN?

Scalable Cloud SaaS solutions like ours allow you to avoid having to buy or build a system. We can handle 100,000 of your users.

As soon as you register and suscribe you’ll have your own ‘cloud silo’ which you’ll use to share with your other stakeholders.

SWEVEN currently has a sleuth of useful tools for you. But we don’t stop, we never stop adding more, as new technologies emerge.

System maintenance and support is a big hassle if that’s not your industry. With us all that is added as part of your subscription.